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Like other childhood obesity essays, the following argumentative essay on childhood obesity will provide arguments regarding the on-going tendency of overweight in children and young people. The current essay on childhood obesity will also provide a few recommendations as for how to tackle the problem in an efficient manner. Thus, the current essay about childhood obesity will start from observing the statistics of obesity in children in the United States and Canada. This means that one in four children in the United States and Canada suffers from overweight. Why should the public be concerned about obesity and overweight in children?

In fact, obesity has a negative impact not only on the appearance of children, but also on their health and overall wellbeing. Obese people are much more likely to suffer from such health problems as elevated blood pressure, increased level of cholesterol and insulin, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, as well as kidney and liver problems.

The issue of obesity and overweight in children is also associated with a number of psychological problems such as insufficient level of self-esteem and the state of depression. Even though not all overweight children have such health problems, experts in this field often find that obese children tend to suffer from various health conditions. For instance, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in overweight children has rapidly increased. Furthermore, obese kids are more likely to suffer from overweight than adults. Obesity often puts the health of children at a lifelong risk.

What are the causes of child obesity? The causes of obesity in children are diverse and may include environmental and genetic factors that contribute to the development of this disease. In fact, obesity and overweight are complex conditions that might have various interrelated causes. Experts consider that obesity can be explained majorly by the genetics. Specific ethnic groups are considered to be vulnerable to obesity and various related disorders. However, you can be sure that you are getting a fine work for the price you are paying.

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Encourage them to do so, and on the way to the car, carry your groceries instead of using the cart again. Maybe even challenge your children to see who can do the most arm curls with the bags on the way to the car give your kids things that can be dropped or shaken! Not only will this provide a quick and easy arm workout, it will also teach your kids to avoid laziness and to find ways to be active.

There are innumerable opportunities to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, but the difficult part is recognizing these opportunities and making the healthy decision. One great way to remember to be active is to wear a Live Strong bracelet or something like it.

That way, when you are faced with a decision to be lazy or to be active, you make the best decision. A lot of times it will be a lot easier to make the lazy choice, but hopefully by wearing a bracelet you will be reminded of your responsibilities as a parent and of the benefits of physical activity.

ESSAY: Child Obesity (Causes, effects and solutions)

Now we know there are simple and easy ways to fit minor physical activities into our lives that will benefit our children and ourselves in the long run; however, you may assume that improving your health today requires serious physical exertion, and working out is difficult and boring. It is true that taking the stairs instead of the elevator will not get you in marathon-shape, but even more vigorous exercise can be fun and easy. As previously mentioned, going to the gym or going for a run are not the only ways to stay fit.

In fact, for most people those things sound worse than a root canal.

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Although, everyone has some physical activity that they like to participate in, whether it is playing soccer, rock climbing, or simply going on walks. It is just a matter of finding what you like to do and finding a way to participate in it. For example, maybe you like to play basketball.

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Speak up at work and find a group of guys who go play at lunch time. Playing basketball for one hour is great exercise and even better fun.

In addition, encourage your child to participate in the same kinds of activities. Sign them up for every sport or activity they are willing to try so that they can also find what kinds of things they like to participate in. These kinds of activities will keep your children healthy and happy both now and in the future.

Not to mention, your kids will meet a lot of new friends and make memories that last a lifetime.

Persuasive Speech - Obesity

You can hardly put a price tag on that. Another example of fun and simple exercise that the whole family can enjoy is swimming. First, swimming is one of the healthiest activities you and your kids can participate in physically as it is a vigorous full body exercise that is still fun for everyone. Second, spending long, relaxing days at the pool is a great bonding experience between you and your kids, as well as with other families. Kids and parents alike form memories and friendships at the pool that last a lifetime, and joining one in the summertime is a great idea to keep your family active and healthy.

One surprisingly beneficial activity that people of all ages and fitness levels can participate in is walking. After a long day at work, you just want to come home and relax in front of the T. A pleasant walk through the neighborhood can be equally as relaxing as watching T. You burn five times as many calories going for a leisurely walk as you do watching T.

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In addition to teaching your kids to get outdoors and exercising, walking can provide some really surprising health benefits to you and the children. Finally, although air conditioning and video games have created increasingly sedentary lifestyles, you need to encourage your children to get up and playing in their free time. The best way to do this is to encourage your kids to take a break from their indoor toys and technologies and to play outside as often as possible.