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Our Process We put out the call to teachers in September, asking for essays, each words or less, from juniors and seniors at our partner schools. For the sake of unbiased reading, the judging was done blind, with names and schools removed and entries sorted randomly. Members of the Narrative staff read, ranked, and came together to confer. In the process of many lively editorial discussions, many worthy contenders emerged as possible winners. We have the pleasure of presenting the award-winning few to you today. What We Were Looking For A good essay tells a great story—it has exciting language, powerful narration, and fierce originality.

Pull us into the scene, and seat us next to your characters. Surprise us with a unique point of view, a revelation, an unexpected ending, or all of the above. Thanks for this post.

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2015 EDRC Be-You-tiful Poetry & Essay Contest Entry, High School Category

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2016 International Bipolar Foundation Essay Contest for High School Students

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Essentially, the compare and contrast essay requires you to present a commentary on the two subjects highlighting the similarities and differences between them. You may also form a thesis statement that indicates that one of the two subjects is superior and establish its superiority through your comparative analysis by stating facts to support your claim. Or else, you may also form a simple comparative study between the subjects indicating the points of similarities and differences between them.

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NREA Foundation Essay Contest | Indiana Small and Rural Schools Assn

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