New business research questions

Where do they go if they want to buy a product similar to yours? How do they buy?

Creating a Good Research Question

What need are they trying to satisfy? Who is your competitor? How much competition is there?

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Are there other businesses similar to yours that are currently operating in your market? How do these businesses appear to be doing? What are these businesses doing well? What are these businesses doing wrong? How would you stand out? Competitor Research Questions: Sales What does the sales process look like?

11 Questions To Ask When Conducting Market Research For Your Business - 3Bug Media

What channels are they selling through? What are their revenues each year? Do they regularly discount their products or services? Marketing Do they have a blog? Are they creating ebooks? Do they post videos or webinars? Do they have a podcast? Are they using static visual content such as infographics and cartoons?

29 Market Research Questions to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

Do they have a FAQs section? Are there featured articles? Do they have case studies?

Market Research Questions to Ask Your Target Market

What online and offine advertising campaigns are they running? Content How accurate is their content? How in-depth does their content go?

Business Topics for Research Paper Ideas

What tone do they use? Is their content free and available to anyone or do their readers need to opt-in? SEO Which keywords are your competitors focusing? What content of theirs is highly shared and linked to? Where does your competitor have the advantage over your brand? It is always better to ask single, succinct questions to avoid confusing your customers. Review the research questions thoroughly.

Before consulting your research provider, make sure to investigate with your developers to know how your product works, and with sales managers to know its selling points. While you consult your pros, you will still need to develop your own perspective that will help validate the need for your questions. Avoid the use of confusing words or language — keep questions as simple and as short as possible , and try to be specific about what it is that is being asked. Being specific like this will lead to less confusion for customers, providing actionable market intelligence that relates directly to the research at hand.

When setting up multiple choice research questions, be sure to make choices exhaustive they cover all possible choices to the question asked and restrictive one answer cannot be mistaken for another by the respondent.

9 Questions to Ask When Assessing a Market

In a series of responses like this, virtually all possible options are covered and none of the answer categories can be said to overlap with the others. Setting up research questions so they are restrictive and extensive will not only provide a wide range of detailed data to work with, it will avoid biasing, or presupposing the answers respondents will provide before they are asked. Some respondents may not feel comfortable answering all research questions.

If inquiring about demographic information like household income, gender, etc. Giving responding customers an opportunity to opt out of questions will keep more of them answering instead of dropping out entirely and will limit them giving inaccurate responses only to proceed in the survey resulting in unreliable data.

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On top of this, the number of those who preferred not to answer questions is still valuable data that can used in finding insight into the research topic. Think long and hard about the scale upon which responding customers will answer survey questions. Points on scales should be equally distant from one another in concept or number from one another. Meaning — always avoid response scales that do not measure the same thing.

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The first response is a number; the second is a feeling. Both are much different in concept, and using them both in the same scale would not just confuse responding customers, but it would also confuse the data gathered from their responses. If the research question requires a scaled response, stick to easy-to-use scales of one to ten, or scales that involve concepts that are very easily understood at first reading. Now that you know what you want to research, and you have some great research questions ready to ask, it never hurts to call in a pro to validate the direction and scope of the research before committing to the investment of time and resources to the project.

Market research firms like Insightrix are experts in their field and are both accessible and affordable to all levels of business. Whether to validate a specific project, or to inform a project from its beginning, engaging a market research firm at the outset for a consultation will result in more focused research saving your business both time and money , and will provide more actionable data when the research is done.