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This study identified risks to corruption in the health sector and assessed feasibility of alternatives to strengthen good governance. This study analyzed evidence of the scope and drivers of out-of-pocket OOP and informal payments IP through budget survey data, focus groups and interviews. This study evaluated access, utilization, quality, and equity in a PPP referral hospital, and compare data to baseline data collected by BU previously. China Adherence through Technology Study. I developed the theoretical model and qualitative analysis. Role: Co-investigator Sept -Sept W.

Kellogg Foundation. The goal of this project was to initiate a Fa mily Medicine residency program and transform pilot district hospitals into sustainable, well -utilized hospitals providing good quality primary care. My role was management and financial systems strengthening. Role: Co-investigator Jan -Sept W. This grant supported a 5-year proposal with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for the sustainable strengthening of district hospitals and their associated health centers.

Global Health Fellows Program Evaluation. This grant supported the evaluation of Pfizer Global Health Fellows participating in an international corporate volunteering program and their impact on partner organizations. Measuring the impact of international corporate volunteering programs: the Pfizer Global Health Fellows Program. This grant funded a typology and tools to measure impact of international corporate volunteering programs based on the Pfizer Global Health Fellows initiative.

The goal of this project was to evaluate effectiveness of outreach programs targeting most-at-risk populations in six district s in Vietnam. This project evaluated two years of operation of the Pfizer Fellows Program. Cross-sectional study design, survey and in-depth interviews. Beliefs, Attitudes, and Intentions: an investigation of informal payment practice in Albania using the theory of planned behavior. This pilot project was designed to predict intentions regarding informal payments to Albanian government health workers faculty seed grants.

Qualitative Study of Informal Payments in Albania. This qualitative study enhanced understanding of informal payments for health care, using focus groups and in -depth interviews of participants. Comparative study of trends and developments in the supply of vaccines, contraceptives, and essential medicines. This study compared trends and developments in management of supply systems for health commodities.

Desk study of literature, interviews with key informants.

Role: PI Population Council. This study tested a costing methodology for determining family planning method costs using relative value units. Cost and utilization data collection at 5 clinics in two countries. Impact of maternity waiting homes on facility delivery among remote households in Zambia: protocol for a quasi -experimental, mixed - methods study. BMC Open. Lora L.

Hamer, Jordan Tuchman, Theodore M. BMC Public Health. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. A practical approach to strengthen transparency and accountability in national pharmaceutical systems. Listening to the community: using formative research to strengthen maternity waiting homes in Zambia. PLO S One.

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Access to diabetes medicines at the household level in eight countries of Kenya. Journal of Diabetology. Access to asthma medicines at the household level in eight counties of Kenya. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

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December Why it works: Patients' insights into a Health antiretroviral therapy adherence intervention in China. August Combating corruption in global health. Science Translational Medicine 9, eaaf June Promoting transparency, accountability, and access through a multi-stakeholder initiative: Lessons from the Medicines Transparency Alliance. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice. DOI May 20 The influence of quality maternity waiting homes on utilization of facilities for delivery in rural Zambia.

Reproductive Health. May April Can a multistakeholder initiative improve transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical sector? Evidence from the Medicines Transparency Alliance. The Lancet Global Health.

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DOI: Nov Study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial of an NCD access to medicines initiative: evaluation of Novartis Access in Kenya. Journal of Health Psychology. Sept The disease of corruption: views on how to fight corruption to advance 21 st century global health goals. BMC Medicine. Vian T, Ashigbie P. October Accelerating educational innovation in the MPH degree program: what is the role of peer review of teaching?

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Journal of Health Education Teaching. Barriers to universal health coverage in Republic of Moldova: a policy analysis of formal and informal out -of -pocket payments.

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Improving Adherence to. A public-private partnership improves clinical performance in a hospital network in Lesotho. Health Affairs. Hospital public-private partnerships in low resource settings: perceptions of how the Lesotho PPP transformed management systems and performance.

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Linking governance to health outcomes: A review of the literature in low - and middle -income countries. Vian T. Budget reform in Lesotho public hospitals: Performance, root causes and reality. Perceptions of per diems in the health sector: Evidence and implications. Global Health Governance. Confronting corruption in the health sector in Vietnam: Patt erns and prospects. Public Administration and Development. Review of corruption in the health sector: Theory, methods, and interventions.

Health Policy and Planning. Burak L J, Vian T. Examining and predicting under -the-table payments for healthcare in Albania: An application of the theory of planned behavior.