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Score the internship of your dreams with the help of our downloadable internship cover letter sample. Not in love with this template? Browse our full library of free cover letter templates. I came across the job description on [Website Name], and was delighted to find that my academic accomplishments meet all of the necessary requirements. I am seeking a challenging but rewarding internship, which is why I was drawn to this exciting opportunity. As a junior marketing student at the University of Georgia, I have acquired skills in advertising, PR, product development, and market research.

Currently I hold a 3. While in the college of business I have strategically focused my coursework in the following areas:. Using my knowledge of the above, I designed a marketing campaign for a local pet grooming business that yielded the highest return on investment based on a budget.

I would be delighted to have an opportunity to personally interview with you. Please accept the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration. An internship is a fantastic way to kick-start your career. But to secure an offer from your top-choice company, you need to make a bold impression with your application.

Companies are looking for specific traits when they choose an intern. Our insider tips for how to write a cover letter for an internship break these down so you can apply with confidence. Therefore, hiring managers want to see enthusiasm and willingness to learn in cover letters for internships. Notable school projects, extracurricular activities , volunteer efforts , or even just an interesting life experience can all potentially be your golden ticket for landing an interview.

In this example cover letter for a marketing internship, the candidate discusses how their college coursework is directly applicable to their target company. Then, they describe a campaign they designed that won third place in an industry-relevant competition. These examples demonstrate how this candidate is eager to expand their knowledge, and that they even already possess some entrepreneurial flair.

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Not all interns make coffee and organize filing cabinets. If you write it with the same savviness as an experienced professional, you will impress recruiters and hiring managers alike. Then address your intern cover letter to them directly. A cover letter for an internship position should follow certain conventions. For instance, it should be four maximum five paragraphs long. Anything that deviates too far from the established standard will be seen as unprofessional. However, the classic cover letter format still offers plenty of room to express your talents.

Follow the same structure as this internship cover letter template to strike a balance between personality and professionalism :. First, formally introduce yourself and say where you heard about the internship. The second paragraph is where you sell your skills and accomplishments.

Internship Cover Letter Sample

Here you can mention anything that makes your application unique. Finish your application with a call to action. In competitive industries, an internship is often the only way to get your foot in the door. Such an opportunity allows you to learn valuable skills, make useful industry contacts, and obtain a great reference. Plus, if you really impress your temporary employers, you might even be offered full-time work at the end of the placement.

To get started, download one of our free cover letter templates. I am currently writing my cover letter for a position of great interest to me. I ran into a problem when trying to figure out to whom the letter should be written to. The application is going to be submitted through the website and therefore, does not indicate who the application will be reviewed by. It is a multi-billion dollar company so I assume there will be multiple recruiters. Also, there is no available email address to place, should I disregard?

I need to show my motivation for the professors in a topic of research! Thank you. Just take a look at how the cover letter examples in the guide above are written and use them as inspiration to write your own. I need help. Dear Ms. If you are struggling, you have a number of options… 1. Ring the company, and ask for the name of the person who is tasked with reading the cover letters for the internship you are applying for. You could do this by email too.

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Address your cover letter to the head of the department your internship is in. If you cannot find the name of person that handles recruitment, address your internship letter to someone that works in human resources HR. As a last resort, address your cover letter to someone in the team you are applying to join. If you address your cover letter any of these people, they will forward it to the relevant person. Your efforts will be recognised. There will be much cheering and clapping of hands. Now that we have the first three words of your internship cover letter sorted, you can relax.

How To Write A Cover Letter (Example Included)

For about three seconds. You need to specify what internship you are applying for. Write something along the lines of… I am writing in regards of the vacancy for the consultancy internship with PwC, Employers might be hiring interns for a number of different programmes; you need to ensure that you are being considered for the correct role.

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  6. Employers love to know what channels students use when looking for jobs. Here is an example — as advertised on RateMyPlacement. Please find my CV attached. You want to give specific reasons why the company, or the content of the course have drawn you to this internship. Do some research about the company that is organising the internship.

    Below is a list of areas that you should focus your research on…. If you want to do some research on the programme you are applying for, check for any case studies or reviews written by previous interns. Each review is written by an intern, to offer honest advice and insight into their work experience. Click to read our internship reviews. Craft this paragraph around the question: why do you want to do this internship?

    Here is an example of how to approach this —. I am particularly drawn to this internship at PwC because of its concentration on sustainability and climate change consultancy. PwC is the market-leader in this field, and I am fascinated by the strategies PwC puts in place to help an organisation meet its social and environmental goals. Here, you have shown you have specified why you are attracted to the course; you have demonstrated that you understand what the internship consists of; you have even commented on a recent project.

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    You have killed three ostrich-sized birds with one stone. Now we move onto your work experience, skills and qualifications, and why they make you perfect for the internship. Ensure that you continue to keep the content of your internship cover letter relevant to the role on offer. What unique skills can you bring to the company? What previous work experience has prepared you for this internship?

    Cover Letter for Internship [ Example and How-to Guide]

    If you can answer these questions, employers will be under your spell. As if you were Hermione Granger. Or Ronald Weasley. Try something like this — As my CV describes, I am two years into a Sustainable Engineering degree, achieving high grades in modules that focussed on sustainable planning in urban environments.

    My studies have imparted a groundwork of knowledge, and analytical skills that are crucial for a career in this field of consultancy.

    Cover letter for internship

    I also have three years of work experience at The Bear Factory, which has imparted great collaborative skills. One sentence would do it. It may seem strange, thanking a recruiter for considering your application. Very wholesome. Something Tom Hanks would do. It is a great way of finishing your cover letter for an internship. Write —. Thank you for considering my application, I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the programme further in an interview.

    Pen down and go find some cake.