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Throughout the entire novel Helga moves to many different places to try and feel at home. In the society that Helga is cursed to have to live in, biracial people are not common and rarely accepted in many communities Strong Essays words 4. Her uncanny role results from a combination of qualities that simultaneously identify her with, and distance her from, each side of her ancestry. Helga's identity becomes taboo because it leads her "diverging in two contrary directions" Freud 24 that cannot exist simultaneously Strong Essays words 5.

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Or, is she. Although no one else is present in the room, Helga is accompanied by her own thoughts, feelings, and her worrisome perceptions of the world around her. And while there are human character antagonists that will soon play a significant role in the novel and in the story of Helga Crane, such as her friends, coworkers, relatives, and ultimately even her own children, there are also enemies that Helga confronts who never say a wor Strong Essays words 6. Quicksand By Nella Larsen Essay. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

What was the basic economic structure at that time? Did people generally live in Harlem and work outside, or vice versa? Was black Harlem closed to white folks? Is there really such a place as Naxos? If not, trace the history of the first schools in the south that were strictly designed for African American students.

Were they designed to uplift the black race, or to teach assimilation? Were they comparable to Naxos in terms of their goals and objectives? If so, in what ways?

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In the s, being of mixed race was not easy, as exemplified by these stories. How have things changed in America in this regard, or have they?

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View the Study Pack. Order our Quicksand and Passing Lesson Plans. Helga Crane was almost always having psychological debates with the new principle at the school about racism and how the children are being treated. Eventually Helga has had enough of things not going her way and makes the courageous decision to move to Chicago. Nella Larsen was born in in Chicago, the daughter of a white woman from Denmark and a black man from West India Britannica. After attending high school in Nashville, Larsen lived in Copenhagen a few years before becoming a nurse.

One may wonder how a promising life could end in such a sad way. Where did Helga Crane go wrong? What could she have done differently? Along with these questions, a reader may feel. She loses herself in the "sudden streaming rhythm" and delights in the sexually suggestive moves of the dancers.

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Helga is "blown out, ripped out, beaten out by the joyous, wild, murky orchestra" in a moment suggestive of a sexual climax. But when the music fades, Helga returns to reality and asserts that "she wasn't, she told herself, a jungle creature. As Larsen shows in the. Both versions of the film and both novellas portray black women who come face to face.