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Computer and Information Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Editorial team. James H. Ethics and Information Technology 3 2 Moor Dartmouth College.

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The computer revolution can beusefully divided into three stages, two ofwhich have already occurred: the introductionstage and the permeation stage. We have onlyrecently entered the third and most importantstage — the power stage — in which many ofthe most serious social, political, legal, andethical questions involving informationtechnology will present themselves on a largescale.

Computer ethics

The present article discusses severalreasons to believe that future developments ininformation technology will make computerethics more vibrant and more important thanever. Computer ethics is here to stay!

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Computer Ethics in Applied Ethics. Machine Ethics in Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Robot Ethics in Applied Ethics. Edit this record.

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The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics

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Moor - - Ethics and Information Technology 7 3 Spinello - - Business Ethics Quarterly 15 1 Cyberethics and Co-Operation in the Information Society. Moor Words Oct 3, 4 Pages. Moor , the reason behind computers being revolutionary for over 40 years is their logical malleability.

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With every new technology programmed, there must be a policy that governs its use. Each technology has a different purpose ranging from a simple calculator to social robots that can teach students or show children with medical conditions how to take their medication Davis, The potential for social robots to have a higher social status than humans is the most significant moral and ethical danger of this new technology. Such a concern illustrates how Moor 's principles of computer ethics are still applicable today.

With the pace new technology is being written, Moor states that policy makers cannot keep up, thus creating a policy vacuum. Social robots can be programmed for the benefit of others, but they can also be programmed to scare or even interrogate children under the basis that a robot may seem more intimidating or simply smarter. With a policy vacuum, there is no protection for people who become subjected to robots that have been unethically programmed.

One of the basic problems mentioned by Moor in computer ethics is the uncertainty about how to utilize available technology.