Weber rationalization thesis

Thus, if you are born into a society organized this way, with the division of labor and hierarchical social structure that comes with it, you can't help but live within this system.

Max Weber's Theory of Rationalization

As such, one's life and worldview are shaped by it to such an extent that one probably can't even imagine what an alternative way of life would look like. So, those born into the cage live out its dictates, and in doing so, reproduce the cage in perpetuity.

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For this reason, Weber considered the iron cage a massive hindrance to freedom. This concept proved useful to social theorists and researchers who followed Weber. Weber's concept remains important to sociologists today because the iron cage of technorational thought, practices, relations, and capitalism— now a global system —shows no signs of disintegrating anytime soon.

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The influence of this iron cage leads to some very serious problems that social scientists and others are now working to solve. For example, how can we overcome the force of the iron cage to address the threats of climate change, produced by the very cage itself?

Max Weber's Theory of Rationalization Applied

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Updated October 01, The essay ends with a suggestion that Weber's work on politics and meaning merits reexamination in light of contemporary anthropological interest, derived from Foucault, in power and knowledge. Infrastructures are material forms that allow for the possibility of exchange over space. They are the physical networks through which goods, ideas, waste, power, people, and finance are trafficked.

The Impacts of the Emergence of Sociology on the Works of Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx and Max Weber

In this article I trace the range of anthropological Read More. Neoliberalism has been a popular concept within anthropological scholarship over the past decade; this very popularity has also elicited a fair share of criticism.

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  • This review examines current anthropological engagements with neoliberalism and explains The governmentality of immigration has become a crucial issue of contemporary societies. Ironically, although globalization meant facilitated circulation of goods, it has also signified increased constraints on the mobility of men and women. The article investigates how consumerism is perceived as an unremarkable part of quotidian existence, as a patriotic duty at various moments, as an indicator of social class, and as a means of semiotic self-fashioning.

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