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There are also Americans who do not think marijuana should be legalized. There are many reasons why marijuana should be illegal, from harming individuals to leading to other drugs becoming legal. Or saying legalizing marijuana will not harm the society, but will help it. These are a few points made, you may agree, disagree, or just….

Marijuana is a great example of the conflicting views on its use. Marijuana is present everywhere in people 's lives, be it in the media or in the neighborhood alley. So why is this popular drug illegal almost everywhere in the world and is an especially controversial topic in the United States? If legalized, marijuana would benefit the United States in terms of health, economy, and social reparations.

The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

Marijuana legalization is a widely controversial topic…. What do you think when you hear the word, marijuana? Do you agree or disagree about legalizing marijuana? As of April , four states already legalize marijuana for recreational use, and twenty-two states allow using marijuana for medical use. However, other states do not allow using marijuana for recreational use Page Therefore, marijuana should be legalized in all of the Unites States because marijuana can be used for a medicine, has less addiction than other substances such as tobacco….

Is Marijuana really as bad as people portray it to be? The answer is no. Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial subject. Many benefits come from the legalization of Marijuana like reduction of inflammation, a decrease in pain, muscle control problems, controlling epileptic seizures, cancer, and also can treat mental illnesses and addictions. Also, Marijuana can boost tax revenue and is immensely good for crime rate.

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What drew me to this topic was that, because…. This over-indulgence in marijuana could be because it is one of the most easily obtainable drugs in the United States, but it could potentially be the most dangerous as well. Background Information Marijuana legalization seems to be at the forefront of many political stages and campaigns as of late. It is a hot-button issue that is only moving forward as more states make it legal to consume. Four states so far, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, have each legalized marijuana…. Throughout, time people have constantly been studying and practicing different forms of drugs for a number of purposes.

For instance, the drug Marijuana or what may be referred to as yarndi, weed, pot, ganja, stick, joint, hash, cone, choof or chronic is mainly a depressant which slows the brain down. Cannabis or Marijuana is commonly manipulated recreationally or…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Why Marijuana should be legalized argumentative essay

Show More. Some places are very strict when it comes to enforcing that law while others are very lenient. Today more and more people are deciding to side with pro marijuana legalization. There are over , deaths per year in the United States alone.

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Every 6 seconds someone around the world dies from tobacco and every 13 seconds from alcohol. However, there is no statistical proof of this. This happens all the time, yet there are statistics proving that most people who smoke marijuana do not move on to harder drugs. Americans attitude towards marijuana has changed radically since people have realized the death-toll of tobacco and alcohol use.

In the U. In , over economists signed a petition agreeing with research found by Harvard economist, Jeffrey Miron, which said that legalization would save the U. Although this may seem like a small amount, over time, it would help the U.

Marijuana Argumentative Essay Against Legalization of Weed

Lastly, legalization of marijuana would benefit in our medical field. Cannabis is scientifically proven to help prevent cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, epileptic seizures, and so on. However, everyday a person is getting prescribed some type of pill. These pharmaceutical drugs easily can lead people to dependency and overdose from that drug.

For example, in , the reported deaths from opioid pain relievers was nearly 30, in our nation. Although, some people lack the knowledge that legal cannabis could prevent, in some cases, overdose. In areas such as California or Washington, where marijuana is legal, citizens who face issues that require pain relievers can use marijuana and the chances of a deathly overdose are slim to none. There was a study done by Dr. By any measure of rational analysis, marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record" MPP, As research shows that it is no less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, we would increase our governments funds and slowly combat our federal deficit, and we would be able to have a safer alternative to some pharmaceutical medications.

We would combat the war on drugs and save lives throughout our nation. On November 8, , 7,, people voted in favor of proposition Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana and allows people aged 21 and older to use it. The proposition also enforces both state and cultivation taxes. In addition, the number of plants regulated to 3 mature plants per household, while limiting the purchases to an ounce.

People have been using medical marijuana legally since , obtained only with a medical card. Around that time some started using the drug for nonmedical purposes. For 4 years using the drug for personal reasons has been illegal until now. Though the proposition it will make recreational marijuana a state law in it will not apply to federal law.

Such as, if a federal agent caught an individual carrying cannabis the sentence is up to 5 years in prison. Recreational marijuana should become legal throughout America because of financial gain, prohibition failure, and decriminalization. Replacing the ban with taxation is economical and makes the drug useful to society.

If all states legalized marijuana the influx of revenue would be injected back into the market. It would be used to fund public schools and rehabilitation centers, most importantly there would be money to fund research on the short and long- term effects of the drug. Currently the only research available on the effects of the drug is provided by colleges and such, government researches have not been conducted because of the illegality of the drug.

Also, more money would go into government funded programs like social security. As of today, retirees are not able to live a life of leisure because their retirement money is not enough to support their needs.

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  8. Therefore, they are forced to keep on working in order to support themselves and possibly their families as well. Financial problems such as these can be resolved if marijuana taxations are put in place. In addition, because it is such a popular drug there is a lot of demand. Not only would the purchase of marijuana be taxed but so would its cultivation. If an individual wanted to smoke more marijuana they would pay the price.

    Those who decide to plant their own marijuana plants would be taxed because of its possibility to harm the lands soil in the ground. Not only would they be taxed for planting but also if the grower wanted to sell their product. They would still be limited to 3 plants but in order to sell their product the person would have to get a license. Not only would there be financial gains, but prohibition is ineffective.

    Reason being, because it does not matter if something is banned or not. If a person really wants to get a hold of cannabis, they will use any means necessary to obtain it. Prohibition also forces the consumer to seek other ways to get their drug, for example, the black market. The black market has created something called Synthetic Marijuana that is made up of chemicals and marketed as safe.