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12222-2020 Harvard MBA Essay Tips

Writing any admissions essay is a tough task, however, Harvard raises the bar with its highly-challenging yet open-ended prompt. In fact, HBS liked the question so much last year, they kept it unchanged for this admissions season. Keep reading for a more in-depth look at how to turn this rather open-ended task into a standout essay!

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As an admissions consultant who encourages clients to use the MBA application process to reflect on past accomplishments and future ambitions, I personally love this question. The open format allows you to include plenty of information about the experiences and examples you think make you unique.

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At its core, this essay is focused on allowing HBS to get to know the person behind the data, understanding how you have demonstrated leadership and excellence in your life, as well as gain insight into what motivates your decision. That means your first task is to decide what you want HBS to know about you. Consider the fact that they have read your letters of recommendation, your CV, and all the information you typed into the online forms.

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No matter what you choose, each example should add something new about you to the mix. In addition, business schools in general often prefer essays that incorporate good storytelling techniques. In the past, some of our most successful clients have been those who select a defining theme and connect their examples to this theme.

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Remember that your goal is to show HBS who you are and demonstrate that you belong as a member of their elite university. Your essay is your best chance to do this, so make sure every word counts! Though you surely have many accomplishments you could include, be strategic and choose only your best. We suggest , words. Harvard does also give applicants a character optional essay to explain any extenuating circumstances. Landing a spot at Harvard Business School is no easy task.

Why would you put yourself in that position?

General Tips for Short-Answer Essay Writing

He joined the corporate employee committee and spearheaded a campaign for free snacks…etc. Growing up, cultural enrichment meant the odd excursion into the bustle of downtown. Mission: back-to-school. Then, with each passing stop on the Green Line, home again — westward — to Austin Boulevard. Every so often some kid would vanish from William Hatch Elementary, North Ridgeland Avenue, Oak Park, because his parents were had — faking an address to get into one of the good schools. Across the street lay the Chicago Public School District where — I realized later in life, when I began frequenting lectures at X — if you were poor and black and male and fatherless you were basically guaranteed to finish a dropout, or unemployed, or in jail, or dead, or all four, and in that order.

Poverty is a better predictor than race when it comes to educational and professional outcomes.

To what extent was Honda’s apparent strategy deliberate and/or emergent?

That fact is a constant reminder that because of the unlikelihood of my own success story, I have an obligation to not only be a role model within the community but also to act as a representative of the community. My job is to get that investment banker to tell a unique story that is already inside of him.

Write Like an Expert: Harvard Business School Essays Analyses 2014/2015 Season

Here are just a few of the approaches Ive used in the past to write not the facts essays for my clients:. The facts includes your resume, recommendations, online application and short answers. Relatable essays allow you to connect with your reader on a personal level. Tell a genuine story about yourself that, in passing, relates some of your accomplishments, but primarily gives the listener insight into who you are on a deeper level: your worldview, how you handle adversity, your values etc.

This essay helped my client secure an admit to Harvard Business School after having been dinged without interview by a number of top business schools the year before during which time he had penned his own essays. The HBS case method appeals to me as a new way to experiment with business problems and hone good judgment because it represents a unique learning platform that exists between first-hand experience and imparted knowledge. In addition, the possibility to grow personally and contribute to the growth of others at HBS is made possible by the nature of the HBS student body, with its wealth of different industry and functional perspectives.

While my professional experience has been critical, my personal experiences have been equally influential in shaping my vision of what good leadership and management mean.

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After immigrating to the US from Vietnam, my father spent the remainder of his working life as a short-order cook, while my mother became a seamstress. He never found work again. While they benefit shareholders and clients, they also exist as institutions from which individuals and their families derive a livelihood.

Because of my family situation, I believe that determination and self-reliance were qualities that I developed at an early age. At the time, they were coping mechanisms, but today, I see them as characteristic of my approach to challenges. I think that type of self-knowledge is pivotal to leading others as well. In order to fully understand the challenges team members face in their work, managers and leaders at operationally focused organizations like Company must be adept at building relationships on an inter-personal level and communicating on a technical one.

My goal was to help the Bandung staff make the transition by taking reporting off their plates and handling it myself. Indonesia is a very hierarchical society, and gossip and suspicion were rife in the plant. The same employees, who were at first reticent, ultimately played a huge role in carrying out our expansion plans and helping with logistics. Months later, we were on the cusp of expanding our manufacturing by fifty percent.