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Citation Download PDF. DOI: Abstract: The study made an attempt to find the impact of the residential area on water supply and services. A convenient sample of respondents has been selected for the present study; out of respondents, is from semi-urban and is from rural areas. The study has covered major areas of Theni district, Tamil Nadu, India. Correlation and regression analysis are used to work out the impact of the residential area on water supply and services. The foregoing analysis found significant variations in the water supply and services in semi-urban and rural areas.

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Many of the services have negative correlation and rest of them proved to have week relation. Keywords: Residential area, Water supply, Water services. Water is essential for all living species on the Earth.

It is essential to all basic human needs, including food, drinking water, sanitation, health, energy and shelter Convention on Biological Diversity, , yet, millions of people have no access to safe drinking water. World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa in September has raised a question of the water scarcity many parts of the globe are facing Anonymous, The rapid increase in the world population in the last century led to the growth of the population over 8 billion by IPCC, Growing population and pollution affect more on existing water resources.

The rate of freshwater loss has grown rapidly in tandem with human population growth Andresen et al. All these lead to distribution problems and widening the gap between demand and supply of water in many parts of the world Memon and Butler, Water is the very basis of life and is the foundation for human survival and development.

Sustainable and equitable use of water over millennia has been ensured by cultural adaptation to water availability through water conservation technologies, agricultural systems and cropping patterns adapted to different climatic zones, and conservation-based life styles. However, in the last few decades, the consequences of population growth, industrialization and urbanization, as well as associated consumerist culture have interfered with the natural hydrological cycle of rainfall, soil moisture, groundwater, surface water and storage of all sizes.

This has led to overuse, abuse and pollution of our vital water resources and has disturbed the quality and the natural cleansing capacity of water Kathpalia and Rakesh Kapoor, Water management will continue to have a decisive influence on the generation and distribution of wealth and well-being UNEP, The differences between those who have access to plenty of food, for whom water is seldom an issue, and those who are less provided are obvious. Areas with high population growth face severe problems associated with poverty and low adaptive capacity.

In addition, climate change is increasing the unpredictability of rainfall, the rate of evaporation and the occurrence of extreme events. In a situation where the competition for water is getting stiffer, these changes are making food production, including fisheries and aquaculture riskier and more uncertain Water and Food Security, What government has to do to maintain and supply for safe drinking water?

According to international reports, water quality is important aspects of water resource management. In order maintain water quality, Safe Drinking Water Act sets national standards for drinking water quality.

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Regulations on drinking water include setting and enforcing drinking water standards; administering water quality testing programs; and administering permits for public water system operations CWP, In order to manage water problems, to reduce national water demand and to augment the available water resources, several legislation and laws were adopted. Islamic Laws in Saudi Arabia, for example, can help to develop effective water management to meet the rapid growth in water demand, yet, seems development of legislation, assessment of available water resources in Saudi Arabia is not enough to overcome further water supply imbalances Abderrahman, All governments must commit to provide sufficient investments in safe drinking water and sanitation services and hygiene education for its people.

Enacting national legislation and guarantying access to water and sanitation for all and protecting freshwater ecosystems, and creating cost cutting frameworks that bridge ministries and sectors, leading the way to water, energy and food security in a green economy are all equally important Stockholm Water Front Most population growth will occur in developing countries, mainly in regions that are already in water stress and in areas with limited access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities.

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Currently, India is also facing serious water crises. Access to drinking water and pollution are two challenges India is facing now. Only 85 percent of the urban and 79 percent of the rural population has access to safe drinking water SOE, Water scarcity in India is predominantly a manmade problem. Therefore, people and government have to work together to manage pure drinking water facilities and it may pave way to get sufficient water resources for pure drinking water facilities and for irrigation purpose for the future generation Shankar and Ramachandran, Realizing the importance and scarcity attached to the fresh water, water has to be treated as an essential environment for sustaining all life forms National water policy-India, The demand for water is continuously on the rise with the growth of population, industry and agriculture while the availability of water remains almost constant SOER-Tamil Nadu.

The following methodology has been adopted to achieve the above objectives. Both primary and secondary data sources of information and data are used to carry out the present study. Primary data was collected by interacting with the user of water and their services. A questionnaire has been prepared and administered to the users of water on water supply and services to ascertain their perceptions. The secondary data was collected from the journals, world water reports, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and other relevant publications.

In order to study socio-economic factors between semi-urban and rural areas, percentage method and chi-square analysis have been carried out.

Correlation and regression analysis were used to work out the impact of residential area on water supply and services. SPSS has used for statistical calculations. A convenient sampling method has been applied. The main objectives of the study are to study socio-economic factors of respondents in the study area, to study the impact of the residential area on water supply and services. The hypothesis to be proved on the basis of objectives of the study is to define whether there is a relationship between residential area and water supply and services or not.

The result of the study helps in upgrading future facilities and service to be provided to users. The study has collected data from semi-urban and rural area of Theni district.

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The reason why Theni district has been chosen was that the district has both rural and semi-urban areas. From table 1, it is clear that out of respondents, respondents are from semi-urban area and rest of them is from rural. Out of respondents from semi-urban area, about Out of respondents of rural area, about Regarding educational qualifications of semi-urban area, majority of respondents are graduates Regarding rural area, about Concerning occupation of respondents of semi-urban area, about Some In rural area, majority of respondents are business people BP that would attract for essay writer and something to add to.

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