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As soon as we receive an article, the Editorial office will Pre-Review your manuscript in one week. The officer will check whether the manuscript is valid and language is fluent and necessary factors are all included. The officer will also cross check the article in crossref database in order to avoid plagirsm. The following is a formal review process accomplished by other official reviewers for one month.

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It is decided by Editor-in-Chief in one week whether your manuscript is accepted or not. All submitted papers will be reviewed in about six weeks. Type of Peer Review This journal follows blind reviewing process, where both the referee and author remain anonymous throughout the process. Formal Conditions of Acceptance Each article submitted to us will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers.

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Moreover the papers will be checked for linguistic consistency. Thematic review will decide whether to accept or reject according to the originality, significance for theory and practice, quality of content and presentation of submitted paper. Volume Alrayahna, Ayuob ; Al-shawashereh, Omar The study aimed to investigate the relationship of social stigma and Family adjustment among.

Down syndrome children. The sample consisted of families, including fathers and mothers from Amman Governorate Dahalan, Omar Ali The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of POSSE strategy in the development of Reading Comprehension skills and retention for fifth graders. The study used a quasi-experimental approach, and to achieve objectives This study aimed to reveal the level of psychopathological symptoms among Syrian refugee students in Jordanian schools. The study aimed at identifying the effect of gender, age and intelligence in the conservation ability among a sample of 91 female and 91male students aging from years old.

The sample of the study was chosen from Ashour, Mohammed A. The study aimed at revealing investigating the ability of administrative creative elements for predicting the quality of administrative decisions making at public Jordanian universities. Data were collected by using two This investigation aimed at exploring the differences between totally and partially women breadwinners in stress and identifying the effect of educational level on stress in women breadwinners.

This investigation also aimed Rababah, Hamzeh Abdulkarim The study aimed at investigating the effect of a training program based on self-explanation strategy on the ability to solve math and social problems. The sample consisted of 64 tenth grade female students who were Swearer and Shelley Hymel. Swearer, Paige T. Lembeck, Adam Collins, and Brandi Berry.

Gaining control: changing relations between executive control and processing speed and their relevance for mathematics achievement over course of the preschool period , Caron A.

Sheffield, Sandra A. Wiebe, and Kimberly Andrews Espy. Hofstadter-Duke and Edward J. Daly III. Traditional alcohol production and use in three provinces in Vietnam: an ethnographic exploration of health benefits and risks , Bich Ngoc Luu, Thi Thieng Nguyen, and Ian M. Martin, Patrick T. Davies, and Leigha A.

Crockett, and Christopher R. Parent vs. Frohn, Kate Sirota, and Victoria J. Sheridan, Lisa Knoche, Carolyn P. Edwards, Kevin A. Kupzyk, Brandy L. Clark, and Elizabeth M. Fetters, Leslie A. Curry, and John W.

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Adelson, Annie C. Bjerg, Don T.

Wooldridge, and Stephanie Winkeljohn Black. Sawyer, Susan H. Spence, and Annie C.

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Adelson, Carolyn M. Temperament in early childhood and peer interactions in third grade: The role of teacher—child relationships in early elementary grades , Kathleen Moritz Rudasill, Kate Niehaus, Eric S. Buhs, and Jamie M. Shell, Ian Newman, and Ping Yin. Sheridan, Brandy L. Clark, Carolyn P.

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Edwards, Christine A. Marvin, Keely D. Cline, Keely Cline, and Kevin A. Mitchell, Justin B. Moore, Wendy S. Bibeau, and Kathleen Moritz Rudasill. A longitudinal study of school connectedness and academic outcomes across sixth grade , Kate Niehaus, Kathleen Moritz Rudasill, and Christopher R. Shell, and Cheng Maojin Cheng. In a classroom setting, people are unique in the way they acquire information as many learn differently than others. As the research on educational psychology theory is extensive, the four major perspectives which make the foundation for its qualitative and quantitative research methods of study are those of behaviorist, cognitive, humanistic and social learning.

Psychologists such as Pavlov , Skinner and Watson have made identifiable findings in the stages of stimulus, response and reinforcement for this perspective.