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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Papers People Jobs. Giant resonances in electromagnetic nonlinear susceptibility response functions in non-stationary externally pumped off thermodynamic equilibrium inhomogeneous anisotropic multi-scale metamaterials greatly amplify the strength of the Giant resonances in electromagnetic nonlinear susceptibility response functions in non-stationary externally pumped off thermodynamic equilibrium inhomogeneous anisotropic multi-scale metamaterials greatly amplify the strength of the coupling of source stress-energy current densities to the induced Alcubierre-type gravitational warp field allowing stealthy silent zero G-force local proper acceleration weightless "geodesic" low-energy low-speed warp drive which appear to have impossibly large G-forces to the external observer using far-field electromagnetic signals FLIR, close encounter visual sightings etc.

This a weapons super-technology that ensures victory in the Battle Space in asymmetrical warfare against a defender with only current conventional weapons Fs etc. View Comments. Spacetime functionalism is the view that spacetime is a functional structure implemented by a more fundamental ontology.

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First, I will deny that spacetime functionalism solves the hard problem by showing that it comes in various species, each entailing a different attitude towards, or answer to, the hard problem. Second, I will argue that the existence of an explanatory gap, which grounds the hard problem, has not been correctly taken into account in the literature.

Save to Library. The view The view that neutrinos have a negative mass squared are tachyonic and superluminal will be supported in this paper. Theoretical and experimental neutrino velocities have shown that the transmission of light and neutrinos was not simultaneous for the supernova.

These natural phenomena have provided supplementary evidence for the tachyonic neutrino. According to relativity, a particle with mass cannot travel at the speed of light and must travel at either greater than or less than the speed of light with a negative or a positive mass squared respectively. A reduction of neutrino energy to less than 1 KeV has been suggested to enable experimental superluminal detection. We still discuss our subject "Earth Moon moves with 2 rates of time" Parts I and II The last paper concluded an interesting mystery which led to a serious question!

Let's remember the mastery to see why this question is important: - Moon moves daily 2. Interesting Mystery! But even contradicts another one! New scaling relations to compute atom-in-material polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients: part 2. Linear-scaling computational algorithms and parallelization. We present two algorithms to compute system-specific polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients such that required memory and computational time scale linearly with increasing number of atoms in the unit cell for large systems.

Linear-scaling computational cost is achieved using a dipole interaction cutoff length function combined with iterative methods that avoid large dense matrix multiplies and large matrix inversions.

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These algorithms have mathematically provable stable convergence that resists round-off errors. We parallelized these methods to provide rapid computation on multi-core computers. Excellent parallelization efficiencies were obtained, and adding parallel processors does not significantly increase memory requirements. This enables system-specific polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients to be readily computed for materials containing millions of atoms in the unit cell. Multicovariances of events English version.

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