Quoting poems in an essay

Quotation Marks and Source Citations

Although some of the rules for quoting plays and poetry in MLA differ than those for quoting prose, understanding the guidelines will help you apply them in any scenario. Penguin Books, , pp.

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Edson, Margaret. Faber and Faber, Shakespeare, William.

Sonnet The Pelican Shakespeare: The Sonnets. Penguin Books, , p.

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Poetry Foundation, www. Yeats, William.

Quote and Cite a Poem in an Essay Using MLA Format

Hours of the dusk, when I withdraw to a lonesome and unfrequented spot, seating myself, leaning my face in my hands;. Hours sleepless, deep in the night, when I go forth, speeding swiftly the country roads, or through the city streets, or pacing miles and miles, stifling plaintive cries;. Hours discouraged, distracted—for one I cannot content myself without, soon I saw him content himself without me. Fire laid upon. Mark Womack. Quotes, when used correctly, can be an incredibly powerful tool.

Using Literary Quotations

However, students and writers often fall into one of two traps:. But this begs the question: why is it part of the job description? Why do critics and students need to quote the poem in the first place? There are two simple answers. Quoting gives the author that credit.

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    john-und.sandra-gaertner.de/la-tcnica-vocal-la-clave-para-cantar-profesionalmente.php Click To Tweet. Quoting a poem shows your reader that you understand it enough to pick out the important details. These details are the main ingredients of the poem.

    How to Cite Poetry, Song Lyrics, & Plays in MLA Style

    All the technical details about how to quote a poem properly are relatively easy to learn. The hard part is knowing when to quote. As I mentioned before, some writers fall into the trap of quoting without thinking about how a quote is useful in the essay. When to use a quote often depends on the length of the poem, the required length of the essay, your individual writing style, your thesis statement , and a host of other things.