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Table 2 above shows the inflation rate of any year to the references of any base year. Row 1 represents the year that the interest is on while column A represents the base year. For example the inflation rate of year in the reference year of will be 1. Take note that when the interested year is the same as the reference year, the inflation rate will always be 1 as the year is compared to itself Strong Essays words 4. The Filipino country is a topical marine with monsoons from the north east from November through April and from the southwest from May to October.

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It is mainly a mountainous country with narrow to extensive coasts. Although there is a natural beauty to this country, it also subject to a few hazards Strong Essays words 3. Inflation is the widespread and sustained increase in prices of goods and services in a country. To measure inflation growth, we use indexes, which reflect the percentage growth of a weighted basket of goods.

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This index measures the percentage increase in prices of a basic basket of products and services that a consumer acquires in the country. What is deflation. Deflation is a general decline in the prices of an economy, which is the opposite of inflation Strong Essays words 6. CPI is calculated from the base year to another by finding the percent change in the price level from the base year to the comparison year.

This is calculated by subtracting from the CPI. Strong Essays words 2. This factor sets new dimensions and ideas of reason around the world and in all the fields of human social ability and capability; especially in the field of politics wherein this influence and beliefs can be overwhelming to a point that everyone will be agreeing to reasons and beliefs while making crucial decision that will affect millions of lives living in the state The empirical results show that money supply and GDP have significant impact on inflation and have a negative relationship with inflation in Australia, while real imports positively but not significantly affect inflation Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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