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You were wrong. Some people choose not to apply simply because they don't think they can write a good enough essay for the application. However, it's often the case that scholarship committee members are not looking for "the perfect essay.

The Book that Made Me a Journalist

One thing is for sure: there's no way you're going to get a scholarship if you don't apply. Why not take a chance? See below for links to info about scholarships, as well as some tips for writing your scholarship essays. Keep in mind that the scholarship committee is trying to get to know you as a person. As a result, you want your scholarship essays to give information about yourself.

How to Write Winning Scholarship Essays | The Scholarship System

If you're asked to share your career goals, you might consider sharing [briefly] about your motivation for choosing your career choice. They don't want to hear a long, detailed account about a family member, friend, or circumstance unless they're asking for it ; they want to hear about you and your life. Of course, those other things may make an appearance in your essay, but what you write should always focus on how it relates to you.

For example: If the prompt asks about your career aspirations, don't just say that you want to go into business. Are you going to work for a company in a specific field- which one? Do you plan on making your company into a franchise? Say so in the essay. Many of the scholarships that you might apply for at Valencia often don't allow you sufficient words to write a long essay.

Quick tips to help you write your scholarship essay

With typical caps of , , or words, most of your "essays" are likely to be a paragraph, or maybe a few paragraphs. Consequently, you shouldn't feel the need to have a proper essay with introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You may have an introductory sentence or two, or a concluding sentence or two, but nothing like a 5 paragraph essay.

That being said, you can be creative with how you introduce information, as long as it's on topic:. Having a congenital heart condition, as a child I spent a lot of time in hospitals.

Eight Steps Towards a Better Scholarship Essay

Even though it was scary, it was the nurses' gentle care and soothing words that helped me through the difficult and painful experiences. Those caregivers--those lifegivers--are the only reason I made it through emotionally and physically.

As a result, it is my desire to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse and care for children in the same way I was cared for. That is not to say that you won't or can't write a five-pararaph style essay for a scholarship application. Again, it would depend on the length allowed, as well as the prompt provided. If the prompt asks you tell the committee about yourself, for example, that might be an ideal time to construct an essay similar to the 5 paragraph model.