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From the specially supported to the gifted and talented, students from a variety of backgrounds will connect with Max; idea-generating process and final essay product can be scaffolded to meet students at any level. This essay outline is perfect to guide students step-by-step through their expository essay writing process. Not Grade Specific. Worksheets , Assessment , Graphic Organizers. This is a great tool to use when grading student writing in the expository format.

Grammar , Writing , Writing-Essays. Assessment , Rubrics. Guided grading for a 5 paragraph persuasive essay. Homework , Rubrics. Rubric includes measurements for standards based on conventions, descriptive language, claims, details to support claims, counterclaims arguments, and an accurately written thesis. Rubric - 5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay. A rubric for a 5 paragraph persuasive essay. Five-Paragraph Expository Essay Rubric. This rubric is what I use for evaluating my students in their expository writing assignments. Students need to learn the rules in order to break them. Teach students about five paragraph essay structure with this bundle of lessons, ready to use before or during ANY essay assignment or before standardized testing!

Each lesson is intended to be concise and occur in one class period. They are.

Activities , Handouts , Minilessons. Show 11 included products. Five Paragraph Essay Instructional Unit. Five paragraph essays have never been easier to teach! This instructional unit contains everything you need to take your students from sentence writers to five paragraph essay authors! I love the process of teaching writing to my students. They begin the year with short, incomplete sentences but by. Unit Plans , Minilessons , Printables. This massive page Essay Architect Writing System is chock-full with everything your students need to know about writing a great essay, from the essential structure and terminology of the essay, to in-depth practice on the elements of the essay, to reviewing and peer-editing model and non-model e.

Creative Writing , Writing , Writing-Essays. Printables , Literacy Center Ideas. Keep in Touch! And here, in contrast, is what a 6-scoring essay's argument that includes multiple perspectives would look like:. Machines will never be able to replace humans entirely, as creativity is not something that can be mechanized, which means that our humanity is safe. Rather than forcing us to challenge our ideas about what humans are or could be, machines simply allow us to BE, without distractions.

To score well on the ACT essay overall, however, it's not enough to just state your opinions about each part of the perspective; you need to actually back up your claims with evidence to develop your own point of view. This leads straight into the next domain: Development and Support. Another important component of your essay is that you explain your thinking. While it's obviously important to clearly state what your ideas are in the first place, the ACT essay requires you to demonstrate evidence-based reasoning.

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As per the description on ACT. Scores in this domain reflect the ability to discuss ideas, offer rationale, and bolster an argument.

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Competent writers explain and explore their ideas, discuss implications, and illustrate through examples. They help the reader understand their thinking about the issue. In your essay, you might start out by copying the perspective directly into your essay as your point of view, which is fine for the Ideas and Analysis domain.

Machines are good at low-skill, repetitive jobs and at high-speed, extremely precise jobs. In both cases, they work better than humans. For example, machines are better at printing things quickly and clearly than people are. Prior to the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg people had to write everything by hand.

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The printing press made it faster and easier to get things printed because things didn't have to be written by hand all the time. In the world today we have even better machines like laser printers that print things quickly. Essays scoring a 3 in this domain tend to have relatively simple development and tend to be overly general, with imprecise or repetitive reasoning or illustration. Contrast this with an example from an essay that would score a Take, for instance, the example of printing. As a composer, I need to be able to create many copies of my sheet music to give to my musicians.

If I were to copy out each part by hand, it would take days, and would most likely contain inaccuracies. On the other hand, my printer a machine is able to print out multiple copies of parts with extreme precision. If it turns out I made an error when I was entering in the sheet music onto the computer another machine , I can easily correct this error and print out more copies quickly. The above example of the importance of machines to composers uses "an integrated line of skillful reasoning and illustration" to support my claim "Machines are good at low-skill, repetitive jobs and at high-speed, extremely precise jobs.

In both cases, they work better than humans". Essay organization has always been integral to doing well on the ACT essay, so it makes sense that the ACT Writing rubric has an entire domain devoted to this.

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The organization of your essay refers not just to the order in which you present your ideas in the essay, but also to the order in which you present your ideas in each paragraph. Here's the formal description from the ACT website :. Scores in this domain reflect the ability to organize ideas with clarity and purpose. Organizational choices are integral to effective writing.

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Competent writers arrange their essay in a way that clearly shows the relationship between ideas, and they guide the reader through their discussion. As the above description states, you can't just throw examples and information into your essay willy-nilly, without any regard for the order; part of constructing and developing a convincing argument is making sure it flows logically. A lot of this organization should happen while you are in the planning phase, before you even begin to write your essay. Let's go back to the machine intelligence essay example again. I've decided to argue for Perspective Two, which is:.

An essay that scores a 3 in this domain would show a "basic organizational structure," which is to say that each perspective would be discussed in its own paragraph, "with most ideas logically grouped. An essay that scores a 6 in this domain, on the other hand, has a lot more to accomplish. The "controlling idea or purpose" behind the essay should be clearly expressed in every paragraph, and ideas should be ordered in a logical fashion so that there is a clear progression from the beginning to the end.

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Here's a possible organization for a 6-scoring essay:. This is certainly not the only way to organize an essay on this particular topic, or even using this particular perspective. Your essay does, however, have to be organized, rather than consist of a bunch of ideas thrown together. This the item that includes grammar, punctuation, and general sentence structure issues.

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