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Leadership needs enthusiastic involvement, by leaders who are not jaded by personal agendas. Charles Manson, one such charismatic leader, chose to use his gift of leadership for less than honorable reasons. Manson would be defined as a transformational leader using passion and energy to transform an organization.

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He sensed what his followers perceived they needed and then created a vision to fill that gap. Charismatic leaders create visions that seem to improve ones present circumstance by finding the missing link between what one is getting and what one desires. This type of leader is persistent and even willing to make personal sacrifices to attain the vision which has been set. Unfortunately, a negative charismatic leader manipulates their audience for their own good even seeking out audiences that are emotionally wounded.

Ones ability to discern between the honorable and dishonorable leader is just as important as ones ability to lead and be part of a productive team. You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you.

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He talks about not being one of the most muscled up men and that he was looked upon as one who would not make it survive long. Frankl had a choice, find himself condemned before his fight began, or choose to be positive and believe that this persecution would soon end. Leaders must understand, as Frankl had to understand, we have no control of others.

It can not be forced upon another my vision for change and growth, it can only be exampled. It is a cooperative effort in which all parties feel valued and respected. While Adolf Hitler possessed many qualities of the great leadership, he did not possess value and respect for all of mankind. This self-serving type of leadership serves a limited time; it can not be maintained or carried on because there is no collaboration and no shared vision. We have the ability to choose our response and through modeling teach this strategy to those among us.

If I choose humbleness, invite feedback, and remain positive, my leadership will influence others to do the same. This communication strategy invites all members to take part, or have ownership, in the goals at hand.

With members feeling valued and sharing ownership, leaders are able to maximize the strengths of a team. It will be the choice of all members, including the leader, to do this even when there is friction within the group. Then he becomes your partner.

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Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner, exemplifies a man of true conviction. He articulated a vision and led by example. At a time when Mandela could have been full of anger and revenge, he chose a much different voice, a voice of dedication to an end of racism.

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He did not seek race domination; he desired a multi-racial democratic country. Apartheid a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not Whites; the former official policy in South Africa. Although Mandela voiced non-violent resistance, he soon saw a need to change the approach. It was only when all else had failed, when all channels of peaceful protest had been barred to us, that the decision was made to embark on violent forms of political struggle, and to form Umkhonto we Sizwe…the Government had left us no other choice.

Leaders must be able to maintain a vision when circumstances and the world around them seem to stand in the way. Mandela exhibited this quality unlike no other, no matter how provoked he never answered racism with racism and he stood solid in his dedication to democracy. He recognized the greatness in humanity and strived to help others find it as well. In other words, he recognized that the answer for change was in the people themselves.

You are a reflection of the people who follow you. An effective leader is not a one-man show or do-it-all-yourself hero. Effective leadership is about recognizing and taking advantage of the skills and talents from different people to form a cohesive unit. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.

Mandela would have to learn from his past, modeling himself as a man of acceptance of all men, both black and white. In the movie, Invictus, Mandela, then president, is questioned by the media about his new found support of the Springbok Rugby team. If we create an environment that invites open and positive communication along with respect, the overall health of an organization or in this particular circumstance for Mandela, a country, will be positively impacted. Mandela was driven not only by his belief in equality for all people politically; he was also an advocate for other non-political issues affecting his country as well.

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Mandela would address, problem-solve, and advocate for the AIDS epidemic, poverty, and education. Mandela, an educated man himself, saw education as a tool in the fight against the apartheid. When South Africa won its fight and Mandela became President, he remained focused on the benefits of quality education for all children in South Africa.

He would continue to strive for quality education even after his presidency. In , the Nelson Mandela Institute a partnership between the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Department of Education, and the University of Fort Hair would be founded to continue his work in education. The statistics for children of poverty who matriculate is devastatingly low. The education system had not been meeting the needs of the majority of children in the nation the poor black child. Of those who do manage to matriculate, they still struggle to read and write at a level of success for the university because of inadequate academic preparation.

To change these statistics and recreate an educational system that can provide education success for all children, resources in addition to a focused and strong leadership are a must. Mandela advocates change in education, and brings others together to share the same vision. Whether the leader of a country like Nelson Mandela or the leader of a school system, one must be able to communicate the vision of the organization.

School systems, like countries, need dynamic leadership by individuals that realize the potential of the young people following their guide. School leaders have a responsibility to their public; they should both influence and inspire the students and the staff. They should act less like a boss making commands and more like an artist creating unbounded imaginations.

They must be able to develop a clear sense of purpose as it is important for people to see where they are going. In addition to direction, effective school leaders should elicit from their staff and students both trust and respect.

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  • It is important to remember that both trust and respect are earned by the leader through their actions and are not a guarantee. American schools, not unlike the South African schools, have seen many struggles. It has been because of dynamic people principals, teachers, and students that our systems have evolved to where they are. Like South Africa, racial discrimination is not a stranger to the American school systems.

    It was the voice and dedication of a few that allowed our school systems to change and grow. A little over sixty years ago the states overturned Plessy v. Plessy v. It was a decision that served as justification for racial discrimination until Oliver Brown and others brought complaint against the school systems. Under the counsel of Thurgood Marshall this discriminatory practices were being challenged. The ruling in Brown v. Board of Education not only affected the educational system, it ended legal racial discrimination.

    Discriminatory practices can damage the good of the whole, but strong leadership can build bridges and fill gaps. School leaders create exponential change simply by caring for people and giving them a chance to succeed. When inspiring the minds of children in a school setting it can be thought that success is never final.

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