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Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts

Document information. As level. Drama and theatre studies 1st year. Uploaded on. Number of pages. Written in. Professor s. Send Message. Buy with confidence. Trusted by students worldwide Over the past month, 21, students have bought study materials through Stuvia. Whilst this all sounds utopian, there will come a point when your teacher needs to make a decision about putting dates into the drama department calendar. This is a decision which is influenced by deadlines in place from the examination boards — these cannot be altered.

There will need to be a bit of give and take at times, and this may mean that some your group will need to rearrange work commitments to accommodate a theatre visit, for example.

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It is better to be upfront about this at the start of the year than to worry about it the day before the event. Once you have all had an opportunity to contribute to the group calendar — you do not even need to do this in lesson time — you will then need to be guided into the A2 structure by your teacher.

He or she will have done some planning during the summer break and may have something in mind for you — see the following example.

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Explore devising demands and look at structuring devised work for an audience in response to a stimulus. Introduce the stimulus for unit 3 and structure a series of workshops that explore it as part of the introduction and to lead students into the demands of the unit. Look at extracts from the three unit 4 texts in workshop activities and consider response and potential before making decisions.

Consider historical periods and set research tasks. Possible workshop performance s of the unit 4 text or after unit 3 is complete.

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Performance of the unit 3 piece to dovetail in with other demands on time and space — possibly before February half term break. Complete SWED — first draft collected.

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